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Hello everyone.

This was long coming but I've decided to stop updating my livejournal and I will be updating only my DW journal as of today.


Firstly because of the new TOS of LJ but that, you all knew about it.
Second, I had friends who got their LJ suspended without warning (for one of them, it lasted 10 days before they restored it)  for no other reason than "sorry we thought you were a spam bot, but we didn't think it was smart to warn you first in case you were not".
Third, there have been several instances during the past week where LJ was blocked in different coutries (including mine) and was only accessible through  VPN service. OK server problems can happen, what bothered me was the absolute lack of communication by LJ. Their twitter and FB page haven't been updated in years, only their Russian FB page is, and didn't address the issue at all (which lasted for several hours).
And last but not least, which made me take this decision, during this week's NEWS ZERO, Sho interviewed a LGBT couple about parenting, and I'm perfectly aware that LJ is now under Russian laws, and Russian laws have severe restrictions about what they call "LGBT propaganda". As I crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] arashi_on , which is one of the top 10 LJ community globally, I'm sure my journal will get suspended in the end eventually (and not because they thought it was a spam bot, so I'm sure, if this happens, I will NOT get it back).
And I WILL post this subbed New Zero so f*ck you LJ!

Basically, I don't feel safe on LJ. I don't trust LJ. And most of all, I feel scared of LJ.
No more reason to stay there.

I've postponed this decision for a while, because I was kinda lazy, also I had issues with technical problems on DW, and I must admit, I felt really nostalgic with the LJ old times. Well this was the last call. I'm moving for good.

What this means for you?

Not much will change for you. You know I've always left all of my fandom posts opened to access to anyone so might it be here or on LJ, you will still be able to access everything.
I will NOT delete my LJ, I'll just let it as it is with no more updates. I still need my account for maintaining, commenting, and accessing some comms.
Regarding fandom posts, I will ALWAYS crosspost in [livejournal.com profile] arashi_on and [community profile] arashi_off , the link will just always link back to my DW account. I also do update on my twitter (although I spend 90% of my time shitposting, sorry about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

If you still haven't created a DW account, you can read this tutorial by [personal profile] coolohoh  and also, you can login into DW with your LJ account by requesting your OpenID.

I still have a lot to update around here, the cut issue is still not fixed so that will be an absolute nightmare, and will take weeks, but I still prefer that than staying on LJ.

Regarding this week's News Zero

I take advantage of posting now to tell you that this week's NEWS Zero release will be late because the translator is out for the week (also this is not an Ichimen, but an interview, so there's no script on NTV website, and has to be translated by ears, so it takes more time), so it will be posted at the beginning of next week. Sorry about that, I know a lot of you are really excited and are waiting for this interview. I will time it in advance so I can release it as soon as I get the translation :) Thank you for your patience!

I hope you will stick around as well. See you soon!

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