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14th-Apr-2017 05:01 pm (UTC)
kotomichi: (i just want to love you)
otsukare!! 👏

i'll be looking at this more thoroughly later, but i'm happy to see the second hna haunted house part mentioned, haha. of course all the other stuff is fantastic too, but i saw those after i'd already gotten into fandom. this clip, though, is part of the stuff i watched when i slowly fell into the arashi rabbit hole, lol. i just kept watching it over and over on youtube. SHO-CHAAAAAN!!! aiba's freakouts are the best. 💚

also lol @ the "get the raw and learn japanese part" sobbb. SERIOUSLY though, i've been floundering in my japanese progress for years, and watching arashi, both raw and subbed, has genuinely helped so much! and if anyone else studying japanese is reading this, i definitely recommend subbing as well, even if it's only for personal purposes. really forces you to listen properly, look up things, and accurately express what the boys are saying.

okay, this comment got kinda long bc i'm rambling for no reason?? but tl;dr yay arashi and yay you for putting this together! 💕
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