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Here you'll find the list of all the things I'm sharing, for you to better keep track of things.
As for the download links, Mega = Mega, MF = Mediafire, 4S = 4Shared, FD = Flexidrive.

If you have any question/issue with the subs (like "How do I read *srt" etc...), you'll find all your answers here on D-Addicts.

You might find out that lots of links will bring you to similar entries, this is normal as some entries contains various downloads, that's why I'm also making this list ^^




  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2005.11.05) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2007.03.03) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2007.05.20) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2007.05.27) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Radio] Sho Beat (2008.02.03) ( Mega, MF, 4S + translation)

  • [Radio] Bay Storm (2008.02.10) ( Mega, MF, 4S)

  • [Video] Waratte iitomo - Nino on the telephone (2007.03.12) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] Waratte iitomo - Ohno Satoshi (2007.04.26) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] Bambino - Opening Credits ( MU )

  • [Video] Arashi - We can Make it! (PV MP4 version) ( MU )

  • [Video] THE SHOW Sho solocon videos ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] Arashi - AAA+ in Tokyo Dome fancam ( DS )

  • [Video] Arashi - Step and Go (PV in AVI and MP4 format) ( Mega, MF )

  • [Video] Hana Yori Dango movie (1995 version) ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [Video] KOKIA - Chouwa oto ~with reflexion~ Live in Paris 2007( DS )

  • [MP3] Aiba - Only Love (Rekomen version) ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Nino - Shounen ( Mega, MF, 4S + lyrics )

  • [MP3] Sho - Love Light ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Sho - Pen no Sasu Houko ~all chapters~ ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ARASHIC-ARACHIC-ARASICK ~Cool & Soul~ concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ASIA SONG FESTIVAL 2006 concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ARASHI FIRST CONCERT 2006 in Seoul concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - TABIDACHI NO ASA [at Yokohama Arena] ( Mega )

  • [MP3] AAA DVD - ARASHI FIRST CONCERT 2006 in Taipei concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] THE SHOW Sho solocon concert rip ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Keitaku - Shounen ( Mega, MF, 4S )

  • [MP3] KOKIA - Follow the Nightingale Single ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Yatterman Movie Original Soundtrack ( Mega, MF )

  • [Misc] Arashi - How's it Going pamphlet audio ( DS )

  • [MP3] All Night Nippon radio show with Sho and Ohno ( Mega, MF )

  • [MP3] The Sakurai Sho's unreleased solo works masterpost ( Mega, MF )

  • [Fanvid] Compilation of all of Sho's Cliff Climb fail attempts in VS Arashi, from the begining to March 2017 ( Mega, Stream )

  • [Fanvid] Video Compilation of all of Sho's Epic Gesture Games ( Mega, Stream )

  • [Video] News Zero - full (raw, no ads) (2017.06.23) (Mega, MF)

  • [Video] Kobayashi Mao-san memorial program ~34 years lived tenderly, strongly~ (raw, no ads) (2017.06.26) (Mega)

  • [MP3] Sakurai Sho's radio show Sho Beat (complete) ( Mega )

  • [MP3] Matsumoto Jun's radio show Jun Style (complete) ( Mega )



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Thank you very much and your layout is extremely wonderful. It made me very happy.

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thanks so much [ profile] winkychan everything looks so neat and organized ^^. Congrats! Will get on to it later, k? I got to go to sleep now. But I have a question though: where do I find the clip with Sho-Chinen? I've been looking like CRAZY in every arashi related comm but can't find it =( my head hurts already lol. Thanks for any help! *hugs*

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oii!!!!!! thanks SO MUCH ^^, so that's why I couldn't find it, 'cause it was on CB =3 xD

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Thank you very much...

I love ur cool new layout...
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Happy New Year! I love your new layout! So cheery! That's a lot of goodies you have uploaded in general! I'm at work right now but I'll help myself to some of the scans when I get home!

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i came here totally by random cuz i was trying to google how to get rainbow colored for typsetting and well i ended up here and thought to add you cuz of all the stuff you had, i really hope it was okay though. i totally added w/o asking first hahaha plus ARASHI IS TOTALLY <3 hahaha

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waa! Subbed Nino cam! One of the first nino videos i have seen!! thank you for sharing! can't wait to DL! and hope it is fine that I friend you here in LJ! thanks!

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je garde ça en mémories !
merci !

(ps je t'ai envoyé un message via LJ mais je sais pas trop comment ça marche et si ça marche ^^' )

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winkychan, u have nooooooooo idea how much u benefit others :)

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Hi there^^
I hope it is ok for you, that I added you as a friend^^

I think it's really great what you are uploading and thanks for all^^

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been lurking for months but this time my heart tells me that i really need to thank you for sharing
xx added you on my fl ^__^

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great projects! so i'm keeping an eye out on your release.

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friends please

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This is great! easy access and very organized. ^_^ this totally makes me happy. Thanks so much for spreading the stormy love!!!

may i please add you as a friend? pretty please with a cherry on top...

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hi winkychan!! ^_^ I just wanted to say that I love your page layout. It's really an eye candy. and thanks for sharing these stuff with us.

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hi... just want to say that i'm taking ur nino cam sub.. thanks..

btw.. i saw you also sub for matsujun bday song. but its in megaupload. can you please upload it in mediafire for me??? please.....................

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thought i'd add a comment before i add you :)

firstly, i think its wonderful that youve went through the trouble to post these stuff, even though i havent looked through them all yet. i see you're on hiatus but come back soon!

would love to be friends :)

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Just thought I'd let you know~ Coz I sure dislike anonymous frienders XD So I hope you don't mind me adding you =D I'm just a fellow Arashi fan too :D
Thanks for the archive too ;D I'll grab some later XD
By the way, your layout is sick O_O I can't stop staring at it XD

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I've always loved your blog. there's so much arashii! <3

I've added you as a friend and you if dun wanna friend me, tell me and i'll delete you off my list!

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hi i'm kinda like a new arashi fan, and i'm way behind watching their videos, so can i please join the arashi_yuuki commnity coz that's where most of the videos are right? thanks a lot!

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WOWWWWWW I've just discovered your blog and this is like another heaven for me. Thank you very much for sharing all these memorable stuffs. I'm really appreciated ^O^.

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hello! im sort of a new arashi fan...and while browsing for more arashi stuff...i came across your blog! and ive been reading it for a while now...and i was hoping if its ok that i added you? ok...i think i already added new to LJ as yea...thank you!!!

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thanx a bunch for this well-organized list
appreciate ur hard work as well as ur generosity for sharing
i hvnt taken any yet but will be when i hv free time
just leave a comment saying thanx a trillion time first
big big hugs

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Thank you so much for many links XD XDDDDD
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Thank you so much for sharing! Otsukaresama deshita!

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You were meant to blog. It has inspired me to start my own blog on barrie dentist

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Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

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Arigatou thanks!! gracias por todo

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just great!! thank you for sharing dear!! and happy birthday, sorry for the late 1 day:)

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omg thank you soo much for reuploading all the deleted files. i couldn't thank for me than this ! you're indeed make my day. cheers ,mate.
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Hi winkychan!

My username on LJ is certifiedfan and I've been a lurker of the Johnny's fandom there since 2007. Unfortunately, I left the fandom for a while because I got bit by the K-Pop bug. A few months ago I got back into Johnny's again and going back on LJ, I noticed that the fandom was almost dead. Of course there are still fans and communities, but it wasn't like it was 10 years ago. It made me really sad and felt a lot of regret for leaving fandom. I don't know why when I didn't really contribute anything to it other than leeching. Anyways, I saw your name pop up a lot in the Arashi communities, and I just want to say thank you so much for keeping this fandom alive! It's probably really strange to say all of this but it really is touching! :) I'll try my best to give back to the fandom that has given me so many laughs through the ArashiProject.